Customer Testimonials

I was recently married at Ashelynn Manor on June 20, 2015. Our day couldn’t have been any more perfect. Jackie was our coordinator, and she was amazing. Everything ran so smoothly and I didn’t have to stress.

Katrina E

My wedding at Ashelynn Manor truly was a fairytale! Everything was so beautiful and the staff was amazing to work with! They were always quick to respond to emails and were there for me every step of the way to ensure my day was perfect. Ashelynn Manor is a full-service wedding venue which helped make the process very simple. They also have a great selection of preferred vendors for the services that they did not provide. I would definitely recommend Ashelynn to any bride!!

Jessica S

My husband and I got married here this past weekend and it was absolutely perfect. The venue is gorgeous and elegant and the staff takes care of every little detail from the moment you book until the moment you leave your reception. Their preferred vendors are also amazing. We used their vendors for cake, flowers, alcohol and photography and were overly satisfied with them all. I would definitely recommend this venue to anyone getting married.

Meagan M

Used Ashelynn for my daughters wedding. They were fabulouse from beginning to end. They are pretty much a one stop shop. They offer several open houses during the year, so you can meet all of their preferred vendors. All are great. Cake was included in cost, but you got to choose from four vendors, all were very tasty, but we chose Lisa Barcelona, and she did a perfect job! The venue is gorgeous and needs very little decorations. They have great centerpiece choices included in cost. My husband and I were the last to go through the buffet and our food was still hot and chicken was moist (chose the ‘Emma Leigh’, which had a grilled veggie topping and sauce). All my guests were complimentary of food. You bring in your own alcohol, there is a local liquor store you can purchase from and they will deliver. Only slightly more expensive than Specs. Worth it not to have to hassle with it yourself, plus they will pre-chill and come back next day to pick up any kegs. I paid a little extra for wine glasses (hate wine out of plastic). The bartender didnt see that paperwork and when we came over from pictures at chapel, all my guest were drinking out of plastic cups. Brought it to their attention and they quickly brought out the glasses. That was the only glitch we had. We were just extremely pleased with them, hard to find a prettier facility! Also can recommend these preferred vendors on their list: Chase Pedigo Photography, Exquisite Reflections Hair/Makeup and we used Reverand Wayne Law. Everyone adored his ceremony. He is so personable, it is not stuffy at all. Great experience from start to finish.

Cindy S

I’m very happy with my decision to get married at Ashelynn Manor. They’re the type of venue that pretty much does most of the work for you. They have their own catering and DJ, so you don’t need to go find those vendors on your own. The venue photographs well in every kind of lighting! It rained for the three days before our wedding, and was gray and cloudy for most of the day until about the time when we started doing pre-ceremony pictures, and we still got some really great outdoor photos! When you think of buffet/banquet food, most people generally think that it won’t be all that delicious, but Ashelynn Manor’s buffet was delicious! We booked originally whatever was the basic buffet, but then upgraded to the next level up mainly because it sounded better and we were glad we did! And a nice bonus was that the event coordinator at Ashelynn was sweet enough to pack us both a to-go box of our dinner and some left-over cake that was waiting for us in our get-away car! So happy for that because we didn’t have a lot of time to eat. My only complaints would be if you’re doing a choreographed dance and need the music cut or faded out at a certain time, go ahead and do that yourself and then give it to the DJ. We told the DJ to fade out at 2:45 but he faded out at 1:45. We got him to continue playing the music, but that wasn’t how I wanted everyone to see our first dance and it messed up our video of it. I know we’re all human, and the DJ just made an honest mistake, but save yourself the heartbreak and frustration and go ahead and have a copy of your music as you want it played. The last complaint is more of a regret of mine, but we wished we had been able to afford to book the venue for more time. Our ceremony started at 7:00p and the reception ended at 11:00p. Because of the short time frame, we felt a little rushed at the reception. Again, that’s not really any fault of the venue’s, more just advice to anyone who’s trying to decide on how long to book for.


I am so happy that we chose to have our wedding at Ashelynn Manor. My husband and I had 4.5 months to plan our wedding and this venue made that so much easier. I really wanted a place where my family could enjoy the wedding and not spend so much time “working” the wedding. This fit the bill exactly. Jackie was my coordinator and everything went off flawlessly. The decorations and venue itself were beautiful and offered many options for photos. I even had my bridal photos done here and they turned out perfectly. The food was delicious, and all the services that were organized by the venue (DJ, Cake, Wedding Service, Decorations, etc.) were exactly what I had asked for. I cannot say enough positive things about this venue-it was perfect!

Chelsea M

I took my bridal pictures here and the property and staff were amazing! W had to change the date of the pictures and they were very helpful and understanding, and when it came time for us to leave/pay, they said we did not have to worry about it (remember this is just for my to take pictures-nothing else). They have so many options on their property- tons of flowers and gardens, an old plantation style house, a chapel, barn, old truck, huge trees, just so many options!

– Reagan r

Ashelynn Manor was a dream come true for my daughter and son-in-law’s February wedding. Jackie was our coordinator, and I could always count on her and the rest of the staff when I had questions or problems. Jackie has also been there for us even after the wedding. From the chapel to the mansion, the groom’s cottage, the red barn for the reception, and the beautiful grounds (perfect for the most beautiful wedding photos) – everything was perfect. Thanks to the DJ, the dance floor was full all night from beginning to end! Our guests had a wonderful time.


Great experience. Beautiful venue. The only issue we had was that they were very quick to clean up and kick us out. We came to take pictures in the church immediately after the ceremony and they were already cleaning up. Some of our pictures don’t have nay of the decorations in them bc they cleaned up to fast. Overall it was a great experience!

Stephanie N

I couldn’t imagine being married anywhere else. This place feels like home and is gorgeous and amazing! Jackie was my coordinator and did a wonderful job! The staff just does this awesome job of making your every dream come true on the day of your wedding, look like the easiest, breeziest task. The best part is, when you talk to them, they make you feel like you’ve been talking to a long lost friend. My husband even LOVED the venue. When we went to another wedding, he leaned over to me and said, “I like our place better!” Of course, that made me smile. I wish we could do our wedding all over again. Thank you, Ashelynn Manor and staff!

Kimberly F

My husband and I were married at Ashelynn Manor a few weeks ago, our wedding was perfect. Jackie answered all of our questions from the moment we visited the open house until we left on our honeymoon. The venue itself was perfect! It didn’t need any additional decorating, it was perfect just the way it was set up.

Jen J

I loved the venue from the beginning and everyone was sooo helpful! Still I have to say that the Day of Coordinators were ON IT! Nothing went wrong and they made our wedding day a breeze!!! So glad we booked here!

Barb B

Very nice place and nice staff. They have alot to offer and the prices seem to be affordable.

Kallie L

Not only is the venue gorgeous, the staff is pretty fantastic. They were such a huge help every step of the way. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to get married in the country. Perfection.

Krystal R

We are so glad that we chose Ashelynn manor for our wedding venue! The property is just gorgeous and perfect if your looking for a place with a rustic/vintage vibe! And on top of that our wedding cake, DJ, serving staff and some of my hair and make up services were all included with my rental package! We have gotten so many compliments on our choice of venue. It is the one thing that everyone has talked about! We couldn’t have been happier!

Erin C

I would call often verifying thing on the contract and seeing what we could and could not do. Phone service was great and they recommended me to their list of vendors you have to go through. Gives you less of a headache. Day of, as the bride I don’t feel I saw my coordinator all that much. Bit frustrating when we needed them. But overall with the help of great bridesmaids all went well. Venue offers centerpieces and reception hall doesn’t require much decorating. Make sure to talk to dj about music thouraghly. Ashelynn manor, one stop shop, decent pricing.

Sara F

Kendal at Ashlynn Manor made wedding planning a complete breeze! She covered absolutely everything she could think of with me. Everyone really helped out on the day of the wedding, however there was a little bit of miscommunication regarding help in setting up the reception, but luckily my groom and his groomsmen as well as some family members were there early enough to help get everything set up. The food was fabulous, our guests are STILL talking about the smothered chicken and potato casserole (HIGHLY recommended!). Our reception and wedding just didn’t last long enough! It’s too bad we can’t slow time 🙂 Ashlynn Manor made our wedding everything we were dreaming of and more!

Cindi G

The ladies at Ashelynn Manor were wonderful! I cannot imagine a wedding any other way! From the time you confirm with them to the very last minute of your reception, you will have full access and as much help as you need. They made our day absolutely flawless, thanks to our personal coordinatior.

Angie T

Ashelynn Manor was beautiful, and I have no major complaints with how my wedding was handled over the course of our six month planning. The only real issue I have is with how our wedding coordinator was on the day of the wedding. That being rather absent. My mother was left doing a lot of the set up and almost all of the take down. She carried items from the chapel to the carriage house after being assured there would be staff there to take care of it. We also had significantly less guests than we had planned for, and they didn’t bother to go make the reception area more cozy, although they certainly would have billed us for extra tables if we’d had more people. Also a small thing, but our names were supposed to be on the mirror, and they forgot and instead of just crediting us, they put them up while we were dancing, which was tacky and last minute. But the venue is beautiful, and maybe if you spring for a night time wedding they treat you nicer.

Amanda M

One of our guests wrote in our guest book Ashelynn Manor was the perfect combination of class and country, I don’t think there is a better way to describe this beautiful venue. All of our pictures were amazing, there is no spot on the property that isn’t breathtaking! I also used all of their preferred vendors and was extremely pleased!

Autumn H